DevilFinder, a Journey Begins...

In the beginning... The project was not meant to be a public service. DevilFinder was originally made to display more results from popular search engines like (Google,Yahoo,etc.) without setting cookies or clicking on the "Next Page" link. Since then, this website has grown at a fast pace by word of mouth.

DevilFinder Technology

With DevilFinder you can get at least 300 Total results from a single search query. How do we do this?, How is this possible??... Leave the thinking up to us. Just Relax and search all you want. With DevilFinder Technology anything is possible...

DevilFinder is Good for Websites

With DevilFinder search results your website is more likely to show up as opposed to being buried by google results due to the listing being in page number #8 or so. DevilFinder gives more exposure to low-ranking websites than other search engines out there!

DevilFinder is FREE

DevilFinder does not cost you anything, this service is completely free to you. Hosting and Bandwidth does cost money however and our only way of paying for this costs right now is through banner advertising. You may or may not see a banner during your searching adventure.

DevilFinder Does NOT Collect any Search Data from visitors

We do not collect or track any information about what you searched for or where you clicked or go during your visit, unlike "Yahoo" or other popular search engines. No cookies or Javascript that invades your privacy. The only information we store is how many hits we get a month and any hacking attempts made on our servers.

Contact Devilfinder

Inquiries, Suggestions or Problems should be emailed to devil at devilfinder dot com
Hate Email and Flames should be emailed to: [email protected]
Thank You for you interest in DevilFinder.

Devilfinder on Your Website

If you like the search and would like to add this free service to your site, just Copy and Paste this Html code found here.

Let DevilFinder Send You To Hell

Now that you know who we are, Please let us send you to hell by searching for something. It could be anything like "Devil" or "Finder" or "Hell" or even "Evil".